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Posts or structures for domestic or commercial installation steel sizes on application on and heights of sails or canopies. Posts are galvanised and painted in one (1) coat of ultra etch primer then three (3) coats of marine grade aliphatic urethane paint.


Shade Cloth. Material options: Rainbow Z-16, Commercial 95 or Supashade plus.
Manufacturing shade cloth sails, swaged 3mm stainless steel wire around perimeter, seams 6mm x 50mm, stainless steel triangles sewn with all points reinforced and sail cloth covered seat belt webbing. All stitching is done using Australian manufactured thread 12 gauge polybond for extended warranty.

Rainbow Z-16 Shade Cloth

  • 83KG

  • 182KG

  • Mono filament with tape filler

  • 42 Micron

  • 400 Denier

  • 200g/sq/m

  • 288 Kpa

  • 81.23% cut out

Coolaroo Commercial 95 Shade Cloth

  • Warp 134N

  • Weft 226N

  • Warp 699N

  • Weft 1789N

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Unestablished

  • Monofilament and tape, knitted lock stitch pattern

  • Produces a stable, consistent fabric

  • Australia


Material Options: DRI-Z, Ferarri 502 PVC
Manufacturing waterproof sails, seams frequency welded, all corners of sails have stainless steel plates on top and bottom for tensioning purposes, stainless steel perimeter wire installed inside edges of sail for wire adjusting and tensioning

DRI-Z Waterproof Shade Cloth

  • Knitted shade net of high density polyethylene SABS quality approved

  • Ultraviolet stabilised polyethylene

  • 280 Grams per square meter

  • 100KG Warp (min)
    210KG Weft (min)

  • 260Kpa (min)
    Test Netgid SABS 1703

Warranty 5 years limited. DRI-Z has been tested under CSIR under wind. Conditions of excess of 200km/h

Ferrari 502 PVC

  • Polyester HT1100 Dex

  • P.V.C.

  • 250/250 daN/5cm

  • 25 / 20 daN

  • 9 daN

  • Varnish Both Sides

  • M2 NFP92 503/DIN 4102 B1/BS 5438


PVC Clear Blinds have frequency-welded seams, perimeter of blinds have 50mm of Ferrari 502 PVC reinforcement. All zippers are sewn on to Ferrari 502 PVC material, with your choice of colour and can be supplied with robes, pulleys and tie downs.