A classic backyard activity your kids will love

A classic backyard activity your kids will love | Waterproof Shade Sails Gold Coast | Anthonys Shady Sails

February 5, 2020

Tired of the swing? Here’s a fun game that will keep your kids entertained all summer. The best thing is that it can be tailored for indoors and/or outdoors.

Treasure Hunt

This might just become a favourite activity. If you want to add some fun, choose a theme for your ultimate treasure e.g. Dinosaurs, Animals, Fairies, Mystery. Hide your treasure (prize) in one place. Next, you’ll need to write out some clues to where the ‘treasure’ is hidden. To hide the treasure, you could buy an inexpensive toy treasure chest, use a cardboard box, or a plastic container. To write each clue, use a pen and some paper, or type it up on a computer and print it out. The older the child, the more cryptic the clues can be. For outdoors, you could write something like – people climb me and cut me down and my rings show my age (tree). Or for younger children you can be more specific – look for a small bush with yellow flowers. To find a clue hidden under a candle you could write – I grow shorter as I get older. Each clue will lead them to the next clue which in turn will lead them to the treasure. You can start them off to the first clue verbally. Having trouble thinking up cryptic clues? Let Google help. Do a search for ‘clues for scavenger hunts’.

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