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The Gold Coast is a great place to raise children, you have the golden beaches, the theme parks, reserves, play areas and so many pretty places to visit. With our sub-tropical climate, we have hot summers and mild winters, so we can enjoy the great outdoors all year round.

Whilst getting out and about is great fun, sometimes it’s nice to relax at home, but more often than not the kids get cabin fever and before you know it relaxation time is over.

Why not install a shade sail in the backyard so the kids can enjoy some fun activities without the harsh sun, or rain affecting their play?

Talk to the team at Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast about how we can make family, fun activity time last longer.

What activities can you use to keep the kids busy in the backyard?

Have you ever played dodge ball?

How about trying dodge ball with a summer day twist, use water balloons instead of a ball.

Mark out the battle zone and then take it in turns to try and hit the other team.

The only problem is, on a hot summer’s day, the punishment for not dodging the wall is a refreshing burst of water.

Chalk it up

Whether you want to unleash your inner artist, or you want to draw some hopscotch grids, get some chalk out in the backyard and get creating. A hose will wash away the chalk so you can start again tomorrow.

Water bucket

Have a bucket full of water for each person, or team. Using a cup with a small hole in it the goal is to fill your cup and deliver as much water as possible to the empty buckets on the other side of the yard.

Set the timers and Go! Fill your cup with water and run to the empty bucket and pour the water in. Keep going back and forth until the timer finishes, one or two minutes is usually a good amount of time. The one with the most water in their bucket wins.

For a twist you can use car wash sponges.


Ball games are fun for the whole family. Whether you choose to play football, volleyball, basketball or try your hand at some garden cricket, backyard games can spark a little competitiveness and a lot of fun!

Shade sails on the Gold Coast

Don’t forget family fun should be safe. Always wear sunscreen and seek shade from the harsh UV rays that the summer brings with it. With a shade sail you can enjoy the great outdoors with out worrying. Call Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast, you might be surprised at how cost-effective installing a shade sail actually is.


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