Why your school’s outdoor needs a shade sail

Why Your School’s Outdoor Needs A Shade Sail | Waterproof Shade Sails Gold Coast | Anthonys Shady Sails

December 15, 2017

Children love to play outside. Too much time indoors and children seem to get cabin fever.

Whether it’s sunny or raining, Australia, in particular our own piece of paradise the Gold Coast, seems to be a country of extremes. We get wild wet weather and the harsh sun, so what does that mean for playtime?

Shade sails

Anthony’s shade sails are the perfect solution to your school’s outdoor area and here’s why.

Waterproof shade sails mean that the kids can still enjoy the great outdoors without the worry of getting wet.

Purchasing compliant play equipment for schools can be costly. Why not protect your play equipment from the elements with our waterproof shade sails? The less exposure to moisture your play equipment gets, the longer it will last and the less likely it is to fall victim to rust.

Sunscreen is great for protecting children, but prevention is better than cure, why let the UV rays even touch your children when installing a shade sail can keep them protected.

Shade sails look good. We design, and fit shade sails perfectly to your environment.

Shade sails attached to your school can reduce your air conditioning bill. By preventing sun from shining into your home, you are also stopping the heat that comes with it.

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Why not talk to Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast and see how we can custom make a shade sail for your home or business. Our design, manufacturing, and installation doesn’t stop at shade sails. We are also a one-stop-shop for shade umbrellas and canopies.