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Take sanctuary in your Sanctuary Cove outdoor area under an Anthony’s Shade Sail.

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A nice outdoor area can add valuable real estate to your home, the functional area makes the space feel bigger, and who wouldn’t want to enjoy our beautiful weather on the Gold Coast. 

By adding a shade solution to your Sanctuary Cove home, you make it possible to enjoy your outdoor area come rain, hail, and shine.

Why Install a Shade Sail in your Sanctuary Cover Home?

Enjoying the outdoors on the Gold Coast can be at your own peril, with skin cancer being the third most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia. The harsh UV rays that Australia experiences means that sun safety is essential. When you install a shade sail from Anthony’s Shade Sails in your Sanctuary Cove home, you are not just getting a high-quality shade sail that fits in with your décor, you are getting long lasting protection from UV rays, sun, and rain. 

You can also enjoy protection from the rain with a weatherproof shade sail, so you get to enjoy your outdoor area whatever the weather. 

Fancy a dip in the pool, but want a reprieve from the sun beating down on you? By installing a shade sail over your Sanctuary Cove home’s pool, you can limit those UV rays and enjoy a comfortable swim. Protecting children in the pool with a shade sail also provides peace of mind, as they rarely feel the burn from the sun until after they’ve left the pool. 

A shade sail is the perfect addition to your deck and/or outdoor dining area, it provides much needed relief from the sun, and provides shelter during the rain. 

Shades sails have become a popular, cheap, and effective car port for many Sanctuary Cove Homes. 

Keeping your vehicle out of direct sunlight helps with the longevity of your car, and it can help give you safe passage from the weather to and from your vehicle. A carport also assists with keeping the inside your vehicle cool. 

A Stylish Umbrella for your Sanctuary Cove Home

If you love the idea of having shade but want another solution, then a large umbrella from Anthony’s Shade Sails could be perfect for you. 

The best thing about installing an umbrella in your Sanctuary Cove home is that you can pick and choose when to enjoy shade, or when to let the sun in; our umbrellas look amazing, and they are sturdy enough to withstand 160 km/h winds!!! 

A large umbrella is a robust and beautiful solution to your shading needs.

 A Canopy for your Sanctuary Cove Home

Your Sanctuary Cove home can start to feel much bigger with the addition of a canopy from Anthony’s Shade Sails; they can come with all the creature comforts you could want, like fans, lighting, and electricity, giving you an extra space in your home. Adding a canopy to your home is essentially like adding another room as they can have doors, walls, and windows.

A Shade Sail, Umbrella, or Canopy for your Sanctuary Cove Business

Whatever your Sanctuary Cove business is, if you have an outdoor area that you want to utilise more, providing shelter from the elements with a shade sail, umbrella, or canopy adds more functional real estate to your premises. 

Bars and restaurants utilise shading options from Anthony’s Shade Sails to provide alfresco dining without the weather being uncomfortable for diners. 

Childcare centres, playgroups, and schools add shade sails to provide UV protection to all the children. 

There are many reasons to consider a shade solution from Anthony’s Shade Sails, why not call us for a free quote.

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