How often does your shade sail need to be cleaned?

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December 5, 2018

At Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast we provide high quality shade sails that provide long lasting protection from UV rays, sun, and rain. When you consider that a shade sail is out in the elements come rain and shine, you probably will need to give it a clean to ensure it continues to look it’s best.

How often does your shade sail need to be cleaned?

The frequency in which you clean your shade sail is entirely up to the individual, but let’s take a look at how often you should really be cleaning it.

  • A shade sail can add value and beauty to an area, however and unclean shade sail can also bring an area down. A grubby looking shade sail doesn’t quite enhance the décor in the same way. So, the time to start cleaning for some is when they notice that their shade sail might be starting to look a little dirty.
  • Cleaning your shade sail every 2 – 3 months means that you can stay on top of the cleanliness of your shade sail and keep it maintained, which will also prolong its life. If you look after your shade sail, it will look after you.
  • Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast can provide customers with a wash service, where your shade sail will be cleaned in our hydro bath, we will also re-stitch the seams so your shade sail will look like new again.

Get the most from your shade sail

Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast make shade sails that are built to last, but to keep them looking good and lasting for years to come, ensure you regularly clean your shade sail, and you can enjoy long lasting protection from UV rays, sun, and rain for many years to come.