How can shade sails help enhance your business.

How Can Shade Sails Help Enhance Your Business

The Gold Coast has beautiful weather all year-round, but sometimes you can get too much of a good thing, and that’s where Anthony’s Shade Sails come in.

Whilst being out in the sun, getting some vitamin D can make for a great day, it can also be exhausting, uncomfortable, and prolonged sun exposure is associated with skin damage, skin cancer, and burns.

So, how would a shade sail help my business?

For cafes and restaurants, a shade sail can allow you to extend your outdoors real estate, no matter what the weather. Allow diners to enjoy their lunch without the harsh UV rays beating down on them with a strategically placed shade sail.

Cafes and Restaurants

Why restrict your seating capacity for a summer shower when a waterproof shade sail can provide some much-needed shelter?


We all know how delicate children’s skin is and over exposure to the sun can be damaging to their health. Why suffer with cabin fever when the kids can enjoy the outdoors with a shade sail from Anthony’s Shade Sails. Popular in parks and play areas, a shade sail is a cost-effective way to protect the kids from exposure to direct sunlight.


If you have a workshop and you’d like a little more room, installing a shade sail out the front means you can do some work outdoors and take advantage of the fresh air without being exposed to direct sunlight. A shade sail will also stop as much sunlight getting into your workshop and lower the temperature indoors. A shade sail is a win/win!


Offer your guests some relief from the hot summer sun with a shade sail. Even locals struggle with the hot summer sun, your interstate and international guests will appreciate a reprieve from the sun with a shade sail.

We put the spotlight on shade sails

A shade sail is a great addition to many businesses for many reasons, and the best part of all, they look great and they’re really cost-effective. Call Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast and make the most of your real estate.


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