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April 5, 2019

A shade sail is based on the same principle as a ship sail, where there is a flexible piece of material that is tensioned between several anchor points.

If we look back as far as the Ancient Egyptians, they used large pieces of material to provide shade, and whilst the principle hasn’t changed, the materials, durability, and quality has improved dramatically for the purpose.

Shade sails grew in popularity in the 90’s in Australia and South Africa especially, and the industry has been booming ever since. Whilst the general idea stays the same, shade sails are constantly changing and evolving.

Made from the highest quality materials and fixed in place by the most secure anchor points, Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast have numerous applications for both commercial and domestic clients.

Shade sails have a long lifespan, and this is backed up with all Anthony’s Shade Sails coming with a 10-12-year manufacturer’s warranty lifespan.

Shade sails can come in a variety of colours; and the level of protection can also vary.

Shade sails have quick release so they can be taken down and stored over the winter months when the wind picks up.

Shade sails should be cleaned regularly, please refer to for more information.

Shade sails on the Gold Coast

Shade sails are an easy and cost-effective way to provide shade and shelter all year-round. Contact Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast for more information on how you can enhance your outdoor area.