Benefits of installing a shade sail

Benefits Of Installing A Shade Sail | Waterproof Shade Sails Gold Coast | Anthonys Shady Sails

When it comes to shade sails there are so many benefits to both residential and commercial installation.

A shade sail basically acts as a barrier between you and the elements, whether its rain or shine, your shade sail will provide you shelter.

So, what are the benefits of installing a shade sail?

The benefits and purposes for a shade sail are endless and varied depending on the industry, let’s take a look at a few:

Carport Shade Sail

A shade sail can be a great carport. Parking your car under a carport shade sail can help protect the car inside and out. As well as providing a cooler car to get into or protecting passengers from the rain as they enter or exit the vehicle, a carport can protect beneath the hood of your car too.

Under the hood can get up to three times as hot as the vehicle itself, so protect your battery and engine from extreme heat by providing some shade.

Want to protect your car’s paintwork from the sun, a shade sail is the perfect addition to any home.

Cafes and restaurants

A café and restaurant with an outdoor area can provide seating that is comfortable no matter what the weather. With a shade sail your clients are protected from summer rain and the UV rays, so they can enjoy their brunch, lunch, dinner or smoothie no matter what the weather.

Decks and BBQ’s

When you want to add more useable real estate to your home, a deck is the perfect way to do it. A deck is great for BBQ’s, playing with the kids and family gatherings. If you want to enjoy your deck whatever the weather, a shade sail is the perfect accompaniment.

Why call a BBQ off because of the rain, or suffer the sun beating down on you during an alfresco lunch when a shade sail can be easily installed and provide some much-needed shelter? The Gold Coast is generally always warm, a shade sail just makes sure you can enjoy the great outdoors whatever the weather. (Please note this does not include during storms).

Shade sails and much more on the Gold Coast

Talk to Anthony’s Shade Sails on the Gold Coast, we can advise on the best solution to your shading needs. Anthony’s Shade Sails have a variety of solutions available, including: waterproof shade sails, umbrellas, canopies, and carport shades.


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